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Standard-Duty Amp Rack • 6U


Our CRE Carpeted Series Amp Racks are super durable featuring all plywood construction, metal hardware, heavy-duty pre-tapped rack rails, recessed large grip handles, friction fit front and rear doors and stabilizing rubber feet or casters* (*models ending in 'W' feature 3" casters). CRE series amp racks come in various sizes from 2U up to 18U . Custom sizes and configurations are available upon request.

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Features and Specifications

6 Rack Spaces

Plywood Construction

Black Carpet Exterior Lining
(Gray Carpet Available Upon Request)

Interior Depth: 17"

Black Exterior Hardware

Recessed Large Grip Handles

Friction Fit Front and Rear Covers

Rubber Feet

Rack Rails Use 10-32 Screws

*Carpeted cases are made to order and come in standard black carpet. Gray colored carpeted cases are produced upon request.

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Approximate Dimensions (exterior):
21"W x 13"H x 20"D

Approximate Weight:
30 lbs

Approximate Shipping dimensions (exterior):
23" x 14" x 21"

Approximate Shipping weight:
33 lbs

UPC barcode: 807822025316

CRE02Standard-Duty Amp Rack Case: 2U Carpeted Series
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CRE18WStandard-Duty Amp Rack Case With Wheels: 18U Carpeted Series
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