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10 Feet Wide
Lighting Truss System


Say "Halo" to Odyssey's new Mobile Lighting Halo MOBILE PACK Lighting Truss Systems and take your lighting setups to a new dimension. The new Halo ring structures allow you to put together 360 degree lighting arrangements on each end of the 10' long truss I-beam for a wide range of possible lighting configurations, more than standard mobile lighting truss systems. Each quick and easy setup system is comprised of two telescoping tripod stands, two 5' long truss I-beams, and two 30" diameter Halo ring attachments. MOBILE PACKS include durable handy carrying bags to store and haul your Halo system in. Portability, high stability, and increased setup creativity is what you get with our Halo lighting systems. The LTMTS10HWHTP fixed Halo system is also available in all black |LTMTS10HP|.

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Features and Specifications

Includes One |LTMTS10HWHT| Halo Truss System, One |BLTMTSHALO| Carrying Bag That Holds the Two Halo Rings, and One |BLTMTS| Carrying Bag That Holds the Tripod Truss I-Beams And Tripods

  Maximum Height is 9'6"

  Minimum Height is 6'3"

  Truss Width: 10'

  Width Including Halos: 12'4"

  Tubing Diameter on Halos and I-Beam is 1.5"

  Tripod Bottom Vertical Tube Diameter is 1-5/8"

  Tripod Top Vertical Tube Diameter is 1-5/16" with a 1-1/4" Top Diameter

  Truss I-Beam Handles an Evenly Spread Load of 200 lbs.

  Halos Handle an Evenly Spread Load of 110 lbs.

  Breaks Down into 6 Pieces: Two Aluminum/Steel Tripods, Two 5' Long Truss I-beams, and Two 30" Diameter Fixed Halo Attachments.

For the Halo Rings Carrying Bag Features and Specifications See the |BLTMTSHALO| Product Page

For the Truss System I-Beams and Tripos Carrying Bag Features and Specifications See the |BLTMTS| Product Page

Halo Mobile DJ Truss System

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UPC barcode: 807822042542

LTMTS10HP10 ft. Wide Lighting Truss Halo MOBILE PACK System Standard Black
LTMTS10HPROP10 ft. Wide Pro Crank-Up Lighting Truss Halo MOBILE PACK System Standard Black
LTMTS10HPROWHTP10 ft. Wide Pro Crank-Up Lighting Truss Halo MOBILE PACK System Luxe™ Series White
BLTMTSHALOUtility Carrying Bag Holds Two 30 Inch Diameter Mobile Truss System Halo Rings
BLTMTSLighting / Utility Tote Bag For Mobile Truss Tripod Systems
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