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Universal CD/Digital
Media Player Case • Black
On Red • Holds Large Format
Tabletop Players


Odyssey’s Designer DJ™ cases offer a unique twist in design for DJ’s who want to make a statement that screams louder than COOL.

Available in "black on blue" and "black on red", they're built tough to the exact product protection standards as our Flight Ready® series of ATA cases except all the hardware used in the build of these slick cases are powder coated and anodized in BLACK. Check out our complete line up of |DESIGNER™ DJ SERIES| cases.

This Flight Ready® standard-duty ATA case protects your valuable large format tabletop CD/digital media player from the bumps and scratches of life on the road. It features a slide-out panel for entry to a front-loading CD slot if needed and includes recessed latches, a spring-loaded handle, and steel ball corners

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Features and Specifications

Steel Ball Corners

Removable Front Access Panel and Rear Cable Cover

Rear Cable Port Hole

Cable Management Room Underneath the Player

Recessed Handle and Latches

Adjustable CD Player Width and Depth Support Foam Included

Fits Most Standard Size Large Format Tabletop DJ CD Players

CD Well Is 12.75"W x 17.5"D

CD Well Walls are 3.25"H Around the Player

Lid Cover Has a 2.75" Interior Height

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Flight Ready® Series Large Format CD/Digital Media Player Cases Hold The Following Players:

American Audio Flex 100 MP3
American Audio Radius 1000
American Audio Radius 2000
Amercan Audio Radius 3000
Denon DN-S3500
Denon DN-S3000
Denon DN-S3700
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Gemini CDJ-202
Gemini CDJ-203
Gemini CDJ-210
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Numark NDX800
Numark NDX900
Pioneer CDJ-1000
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3
Pioneer CDJ-800
Pioneer CDJ-800MK2
Pioneer CDJ-850
Pioneer CDJ-900
Pioneer CDJ-900NXS
Pioneer XDJ-1000
Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2
Reloop RMP-2.5 ALPHA
Reloop RMP-3 ALPHA
Reloop RMP-4
Stanton C.303
Stanton C.313
Stanton C.314
Stanton C.324
Technics SL-DZ1200

and more!

***Does NOT fit the Numark V-7 or Pioneer CDJ-2000 Players***

Approximate Dimensions (exterior):
15"W x 9.5"H x 20"D

Approximate Weight:
13 lbs

Approximate Shipping dimensions (exterior):
15.75" x 11" x 21"

Approximate Shipping weight:
15 lbs

UPC barcode: 807822028935

FRCDJBKBLUEUniversal LARGE Format Tabletop CD/Digital Media Player Case BLACK On BLUE DESIGNER DJ™ Series
FRCDJEUniversal LARGE Format Tabletop CD/Digital Media Player Case Standard Duty FLIGHT READY® Series
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