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Diced Foam Sheet for
19" Rack Mountable Drawers
1U Thick

The ADFRDH is a one space (1.75 in.) thick diced foam sheet for our popular 19 inch rack mountable accessory rack drawers. They're Great for storing hard drives, mics, interfaces (Serato, Traktor, etc.), and other gig essentials.

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Features and Specifications

1 Rack Space Thick (1.5")

15.5" Width X 15 Depth

Fits 19 Inch Rack Mountable Drawers

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Approximate Dimensions (exterior):
15.5"W x 1.75"H x 15"D

Approximate Weight:
1 lbs

Approximate Shipping weight:
2 lbs

UPC barcode: 807822037210

EAN barcode: 8078220372100

ARDP0219 Inch Rack Mountable Drawer: 2U
ARDP0319 Inch Rack Mountable Drawer: 3U
ARDP0419 Inch Rack Mountable Drawer: 4U
ARDP0519 Inch Rack Mountable Drawer: 5U
ADFRD0219 Inch Rack Mountable Drawer With Interior Diced Foam : 2U
ADFRD0319 Inch Rack Mountable Drawer With Interior Diced Foam : 3U
ADFRD0419 Inch Rack Mountable Drawer With Interior Diced Foam : 4U
ADFRD0519 Inch Rack Mountable Drawer With Interior Diced Foam : 5U
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