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Frequently Asked Questions

How or where can I see your catalog?
View the catalog.

Where do I go to check my Odyssey UPS shipping status?
You can check your Odyssey UPS shipping status by going to our web site's front page.

Can I return my custom built case if I do not like it?
Custom cases are not returnable. Custom cases must be sketched and signed off by the customer.

How long does it take to make a custom ATA or carpet case?
We strive to complete your case as quickly as possible. Please contact our sales rep for an estimate lead time when you place your order. However, the average time for standard custom case is 7-10 working days and full custom case is about 14 working days (from the day the purchase order is received). Given the time frame, we guarantee you won't be disappointed of the quality you will be receiving.

Who do I call if there is an error on my order?
Call the retailer who you ordered it from originally or your salesperson.

How much will it cost to ship my product(s)?
Freight costs are determined by the following criteria: weight, dimensions, location, residential or commercial address, and miscellaneous charges by the shipping company.

What is the warranty on my product(s)?

  • FZ (Flight Zone) & FR (Flight Ready) cases - Limited Lifetime against manufacturer's defects.
  • FFX cases - Limited Lifetime against manufacturer's defects/craftmanship of the case. Any electronic component/part of the case has a 90-day warranty.
  • Carpet cases - 1 year against manufacturer's defects.
  • KROM cases - 90 days against manufacturer's defects.
  • Speakers and lighting stands LTS, LTP, etc. - 1 year against manufacturer's defects.
  • L-Stands and metal product accessories - 90 days against manufacturer's defects.
  • DJ bags - 1 year against manufacturer's defects.
  • Electronics, ColorKey, Flight FX LED components, etc. - 90 days against manufacturer's defects.

Note: Warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the product and only when the product was purchased through an authorized Odyssey dealer. Please call your authorized Odyssey dealer for warranty details.

You may find further warranty coverage information here.

Can I return my case directly to Odyssey?
We cannot accept returns directly from retail customers. For returns or exchanges, please visit the retail store where you purchased your Odyssey product.

Can I custom order a case from you?
For custom Odyssey carpet covered cases contact your favorite dealer to get a quote. For custom Flight ATA cases, please refer to the BC cases website www.bccases.com for instructions on how to obtain a quote and purchasing instructions as well.

Can I check my KROM case in at the airport?
KROM cases are not ATA approved and are likely to sustain damage. We advise taking it onboard as a carry-on.

Can I buy directly from Odyssey?
We are a manufacturer and do not sell directly to the public. Please contact us at 626-588-2528 or go to Odyssey Dealers to help you find your local dealers.